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We have spent the last 9 years sourcing the best in air conditioning and heating products from all over the world. This means that we now have a range of efficient products and services to suit every space.

Our air conditioning units create a perfect ambient environment in any room where you need to feel comfortable enough to relax or comfortable enough to work.

Our heater range is put together thoughtfully so that you have a choice depending on your room and how you like to live in it.

To warm those extra cold rooms or room where you want to be cosier we can provide under-floor heating. We will help you find the right product and size you need for the room you choose to have cosy toes.

We pride ourselves on service and will spend the time with you to help you choose the right product whether it is air conditioning, purely heating or a full heat pump system in your house.

Now we can help with more of the process, we have joined together with an electrical engineer and an air conditioning engineer so that we can take the whole process over for you, from buying a simple electric heater through the installation of an air conditioning system to a full heat pump to take over the central heating in your home. Potentially helping you to source and install some solar panels to complete the green picture

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for you in any room at home or anywhere..


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